The purpose of the Popular Culture Association of Canada is to promote scholarly understanding of popular culture, broadly conceived, in Canada and elsewhere.  It will serve to bring together academics, students and practitioners in the field of popular culture

  • at its annual conferences
  • in the pages of its associated journal, The Canadian Journal of Popular Culture, forthcoming  from Intellect Ltd.
  • and through such other activities as the membership decides will serve its collective interests

How we define the field of popular culture is open to some debate; for example, there are numerous definitions on the web.  Our conception of popular culture is deliberately broad, encompassing the communicative texts and practices of everyday life, past and present, mass-mediated and non-mass-mediated, Canadian and otherwise, local, regional, national and global in scope. At the same time, our existence as a national association is predicated in part on encouraging the study of Canadian popular culture and/or the study of popular culture interpreted from a Canadian perspective.

The Popular Culture Association of Canada is one of a number of  national or international popular culture associations:  others include the Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand and new associations in Europe and south-east Asia, in addition to the long-established Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association and its regional chapters in the United States.

If you have questions or require more information about the Popular Culture Association of Canada, you can send us a message using our contact form

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