2012 Program


REGISTRATION 11:30am-5:00pm
Pre-Function Space 5th Floor
Thursday 12:15pm-1:45pm

1A        Strategy 3
Issues in Fantasy Fiction

Chair: Sherryl Vint, Brock University

Malisa Kurtz Brock University
Postcolonialism in Evolution’s Shore: Alien Invasion and the Figure of the “Other”

Simon Orpana McMaster University
Canadian Television’s Leap from the Garrison to Deep Space: Recuperating CTV’s The Starlost
1B         Strategy 5
Health, Culture and Body Regimes

Chair: Marc Lafrance, Concordia University

Ingrid Yu Wilfrid Laurier University
Learning to Make ‘Smart Choice’: The Discourse on Health and Bodily Regimes in Nutrition Labelling

Joseph Fargiorgio University of Guelph
WWE: Wrestling, Wellness and Entertainment- A Qualitative Analysis of Physical and Mental Health in Professional Wrestling

Marc Lafrance Concordia University
Strong on the Inside, Strong on the Outside: Masculinity, Muscularity and the Meaning of Life in Canadian Bodybuilding Magazines from the 1940s and 50s
1C          Upper Fallsview Studio A
Tourism, History, and the Local

Chair: Brian de Ruiter, Brock University

Stephen L. Cocca Independent Scholar
Ambush at Devil’s Hole: Massacre or Job Action

Louise N. Boucher Université d’Ottawa
Les chutes des Chaudières : La vocation perdue d’un haut-lieu touristique ?
The Chaudieres Falls : The Fall of a Tourist Destination?

Brian de Ruiter Brock University
Hunting for Treasure : Explaining the Oak Island Phenomenon in the Popular Imagination
Thursday 2:00pm-3:30pm
2A          Strategy 2
Performance: Iconography, Image and Identity

Chair: George Melynk, University of Calgary

Danielle J. Deveau Simon Fraser University
Navigating the Boys Club: Female Stand-up Comedians and the Negotiation of Gendered Spaces in the Canadian Comedy Industry

Katerina Symes Concordia University
Public Pedagogy and America’s Next Top Model: Participatory Language, Interactivity and Hybridized Modes of Address

George Melnyk University of Calgary
The Iconography of Idolatry: The Case of Marilyn Monroe
2B          Strategy 3
Dance, Movement, and the Body

Chair: Alix Miller, University of Georgia

Laurence Robitaille York University
Intimacy in the Capoeira Community: the Affective Agency of an Embodied Practice

Alix Miller University of Georgia
“Is Anyone Paying Attention to the Dance?”: Incorporating Popular Dance into Cultural Studies
2C          Strategy 5
Kid’s Lit in (Cyber)space

Chair: Megan Farnel, Simon Fraser University

Megan Farnel Simon Fraser University
Defense Against the (Digital) Dark Arts: Pottermore and the Rhetoric of Safety

Samantha Balzer McMaster University
The Hunger Games or: How I Learned to Stop Thinking Radically and Love Painting My Nails
2D          Strategy 7
(Re)interpreting the Television Hero

Chair: Brandon Christopher, University of Winnipeg

Adrianna Hernandez-Stewart University at Buffalo
The Movement of Death and Renewal: The Carnivalesque and Big Chief Albert Lambreaux as “Authentic” Survival in Treme

Peter Melville University of Winnipeg
Another Way: Smallville’s Tess Mercer as Ethical Hero

Ian McCausland York University
Soul Crushing Work: Medicine, Belief, and the Materiality of the Body in House, M.D.
2E          Upper Fallsview Studio A
Place, Identity and Music

Chair: Brent Hagerman, Wilfrid Laurier University

Patrick Manning McMaster University
“Can’t Come Back All the way”: Frontier Nostalgia in Bob Dylan’s Love and Theft

Brent Hagerman Wilfrid Laurier University
Down in the Treme: Jazz Funerals and Ritual Rebirth in the Second Line

COFFEE BREAK 3:30-3:45
Pre Function Space 5th Floor



Thursday 3:45pm-5:15pm
3A          Strategy 2
Politics, Performance and Celebrity

Chair: Matt Ventresca, Queen’s University

Arnaud Salvat University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense
Hunter S. Thompson’s Vision of American politics during the 1960s-1970s

Carolyn Veldstra McMaster University
A Polar Bear in Every Zoo: When Parody Wins the Election

Matt Ventresca Queen’s University
Don Cherry, meet Stephen Colbert: The Performance of Politics and the Politics of Performance
3B          Strategy 3
Cultural Flux: Hipsters a Post-Modern Tribe

Chair: Patrick Ciaschi, McMaster University

Sara Hassani University of Ottawa
Infinite Regression: The Ironies of a Hipster’s (Self)-Reflection

Clifford H. T. Hansen University of Ottawa
What’s In a Name? That Which We Call a Hipster by Any Other Name Would Appear as Ironic

Patrick Ciaschi McMaster University
Hipstropolis as Apolitical: Engineered Imagery & the Movement of Visibility

Nicole Leaver Trent University
Traversing the Sacred: Fleshing out Hispterdom
3C          Strategy 5
Mediating Women’s Bodies

Chair: Lucinda Rasmussen, University of Alberta

Jennifer Lucking Brock University
Pimp Identity in Popular Media: Devaluing Human Trafficking Through Glorifying and Normalizing the Term ‘Pimp’

Sophie Zivku Wilfrid Laurier University
U by Kotex’s “Break the Cycle”: Challenging the Norm or Bleeding into the Post-feminist Façade?

Lucinda Rasmussen University of Alberta
Sick-Chick Lit and the Ideological Breast Cancer Subject in Contemporary American Culture
Strategy 6
Internet Celebrity and New Fandom

Chair: Cheryl Williams, York University/Ryerson University

Mariel Concepcion Brock University
There is Something More to Our Agency : Harnessing the Power of Fandom and Bringing Hope to Haiti

Daniel Towers Wilfrid Laurier University
Social Media for Social Change : The YouTube Community Taking a Stance on Bullying

Cheryl Williams York University/Ryerson University
Celebrity 1.0 : The History of New Media and Celebrity
Strategy 7
Hooray for Hollywood? Approaches to Popular Cinema

Chair: Julian Hoxter, San Francisco State University

Christian Martius York University
Who Are You People and What the Hell is Going On? Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Validity Issues in Narrative Research

Zorianna Zurba Ryerson University
Learning to Love an Appearing and Disappearing Image: Woody Allen’s The Purple Rose of Cairo

Jennifer Neal Wilfrid Laurier University
Confusing the Self/Other: the Use of Motion Capture to Create Non-Human Characters in Animated Film
Upper Fallsview Studio A

The L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History Panel in Canadian Culture and History

The Polaris Music Prize and Pop Music in Canada: A Roundtable Discussion

Moderator: Scott Henderson (Brock University)

Stuart Henderson (popmatters.com, Polaris Jury 2008-)

Liisa Ladoceur (Rue Morgue Magazine, Polaris Headmistress 2006-2011)

Tabassum Siddiqui (Metro Magazine, Polaris Jury 2006-)
Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm

Upper Fallsview Studio A

Graduate Student Mentorship Workshop: From Presentation to Publication


w/Buffet Plus Cash Bar (All Conference Attendees will receive two complimentary drink tickets)


SANDRO PERRI (onstage 9pm-10pm)

Also featuring the Kathy G Project (onstage 7:30-8:30)

HARD ROCK CLUB (Sheraton on the Falls)

Thursday 7pm-11pm



Pre Function Space 5th Floor

Pre Function Space 5th Floor


Friday 8:30am-10:00am
Strategy 1
Performance, Subjectivity, and the Queer Body

Chair: Sarah JM Kolberg, University at Buffalo

Sarah JM Kolberg University at Buffalo
Domestic Ethnography and Anti-authorial Authoriality in Su Friedrich’s Sink or Swim: Queer Subjectivity and the Postmodern Gesture

Craig Jennex McMaster University
“I’m Your Man”: Lucas Silveira’s Cover Song Project and Queer Autobiographical Performance

Tommy Mayberry University of Windsor
Supermodel of the World, Indeed! RuPaul’s and Drag Queens’ (Prefixed)-human Bodies
Strategy 2
Nature and the Cultural Imagination

Chair: Kait Kribs, Brock University

Ghadah Alrasheed Carleton University
A Case Study of Power, Hegemony and Discursive Struggle Around Forestry in Australia

Amy Ratelle Ryerson University/York University
“How Much are They Paying You to be My Jailer?”: Zoo Culture, Performance and Free Willy
Strategy 3
Shifting Trends in Media

Chair: Mike Mowbray, Simon Fraser University

Danielle Dolgoy Concordia University
Technology, Demographics and CBC Radio 2

Anne W. Lee and Richard A. Lee St. Bonaventure University
Is the Media Losing Control of Its Future?

Mike Mowbray Simon Fraser University
‘Up From the Underground’: The Alt-weekly Newspaper in Canada
Strategy 5
Making/Branding/Buying a Material Culture

Chair: TBA
Mark Moss Queens University
Corporate Patriotism and the Branding of Canadian National Culture

Elizabeth Kalbfleisch Canadian Museum of Civilization
Dancing Deer and Frisky Elk: Knitting and the Limits of Interculturalism

Maureen Riche York University
The Marketing of Sled Dogs and the Myth-making of Canada
Strategy 7
Theorizing Television

Chair: Andrew Atkinson, Wilfrid Laurier University

Andrew Atkinson Wilfrid Laurier University
Confusion in the figuration of the Autistic Subject: A Critique of Ẑiẑek’s construction of Autism  through a reading of HBO’s Temple Grandin and The Horse Boy

Nathaniel Weiner York University
‘No More Heroes Anymore’: Top Boy, Agency and the Legacy of British Cultural Studies
Upper Fallsview A

Comics Imagining and Inventing the Past

Chair: Brandon Christopher, University of Winnipeg

Neil Shyminsky York University/University of Toronto
It’s a Good Fantasy, If You Don’t Weaken: The Representational Politics of Seth’s Canada

Douglas Clarke Brock University
Are Superheroes Really Heroes? Rethinking Folklore and the Comics Genre

Brandon Christopher University of Winnipeg
“To dignify some old costumed claptrap”: Comics and/as Shakespeare

COFFEE BREAK 10am-10:15am
Pre Function Space 5th Floor


Friday 10:15am-11:45am

Strategy 1
Fan Power

Chair: Danielle M. Soulliere, University of Windsor

Andrea Ruehlicke Brock University
Why is There No Boston Robin? Gender Politics in Survivor

Danielle M. Soulliere and Stacey Riddell University of Windsor
The Art of Slash: An Exploration of Slash Fan Art in Online Spaces
Strategy 2
Bad Boys: Bikers and Bandits

Chair: James Martens, Camosun College

Chris Richardson Western University
“Good God These Guys are Killers: Disney, Hells Angels, and Foucault

James Martens Camosun College
Gimme Your Gold and Nobody Gets Hurt! The Social Construction of Canada’s ‘Gentleman Bandit’”
Strategy 3
Indigenous People and Popular Culture in Canada

Chair: David T. McNab, York University

Ute Lischke Wilfrid Laurier University
Is Indigenous Film Part of Canada’s Popular Culture?

David T. McNab York University
Understanding Indigenous Stories as Popular Culture: The Life Story of Ezhaaswe, William A. Elias (c. 1848-1929)
Strategy 5

The L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History Panel in Canadian Culture and History

History, Image and Representation

Chair: Stuart Henderson, L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History, McMaster University

Justine Moller Brock University
Canada’s Collective Conscience: The Rhetoric of the Objects, Strategies, and Spaces of the Diefenbunker

Julie Bourassa Queen’s University
Deconstructing the Canadian Myth: An Analysis of Diana Thorneycroft’s Work

Renald Fortier Canadian Aviation and Space Museum
“Flachaire a atterri trois fois”: The Image of the Aviator in Four Montréal Newspapers, March-November 1918

Andrew Holman Bridgewater State University
Reading Backwards: The War of 1812 and “Canada” in American Boys’ Serial Fiction, 1870s-1940
Strategy 7
Screened Masculinity

Chair: Christie Milliken, Brock University

Dennis Desroches St. Thomas University
“Man, everyone’s gay once in a while…”: Tropics of Masculinity in Tropic Thunder

Terrance McDonald Independent Scholar
The Fluctuation of American Masculinity in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Upper Fallsview A
Experience, Identity and Social Justice

Chair: Thierry Côté, York University

Samina Sami University of Toronto
The Volatile Screen: Mobilizing Action Through Cinematic Viewing

Thierry Côté York University
Just Noise Outside or the Ringing of Revolution: The Music of the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement

Jay Rawding University of Waterloo
Quick! Pretend We’re Multicultural: Exposing the Homogeneity Agenda in CanCon’s “Popular Music”


Friday 12:00pm-1:30pm

Great Room A


Liisa Ladouceur
“What is Goth”

In the introduction to her Encyclopedia Gothica, Liisa Ladouceur notes that if you ask a Goth person “What is goth?” they will likely answer “I’m not goth!” Ladouceur herself is more forthcoming. She will explore with black humour the origins and evolution of this much maligned and misunderstood subculture, using her original Goth Band Family Tree to trace its musical branches from 1970s punk to 21st century synthpop, and revealing how and why Goth is the underground scene that just won’t die, even if it looks that way.

Followed by PCA-Canada Annual General Meeting. All are welcome.


Friday 1:45pm-3:15pm

Strategy 1
(Re)Imagining the City

Chair: Derek Foster, Brock University

Owen Coggins Independent Scholar
Torturer Taints: Urban Human as Corrupted Animal in Skinny Puppy’s (Post)Industrial Music

Liam Young University of Western Ontario
The City in Literature: Networks, Archive, and the Architecture of Imagination

Derek Foster Brock University
Build It and The Might Come: Robocop as Postmodern Heritage
Strategy 2
Interrogating Popular Literature

Chair: Kofi Campbell, Wilfrid Laurier University

Kofi Campbell Wilfrid Laurier University
“Just a Bunch of Stoned Savages”: Western ‘Popular’ Activism and Caribbean Queers

Derek Newman-Stille Trent University
Medicalized Power and the Socially Constructed Body in Sparkle Hayter’s Naked Brunch

Merritt Moseley University of North Carolina at Asheville
The “Literary”, the “Popular”, and the “Readable” in Recent British Fiction
Strategy 3
Identity and Online Spaces

Chair: Chris Richardson, University of Western Ontario

Shannon Mack York University/Ryerson University
“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”?: Personal Ads, Sources of Data About Gender

Lee Knuttila York University
Downvoting the Ethical-Aesthetic : Reddit, Territorialization, and the Advice Animal Meme
Strategy 7
Queer Identity and Representation on TV

Chair: Wendy Peters, Nipissing University

Kelly DeBono Wilfrid Laurier University
Power and Image: Representations of Gay Men on American Network Television and the Heteronormative Fetish

Jessica Martin Western University
Confessionals and Coming Out: Portrayals of Queer Identities on MTV’s The Real World

Wendy Peters Nipissing University
Bullies, Blackmail, and Post-homophobia on 90210: Figuring the Closet in America’s Most famous Zip Code
Upper Fallsview A
Music, Genre and Authenticity

Chair: Daniel Joseph, York University/Ryerson University

Daniel Joseph York University/Ryerson University
A Passion for the Real Lana Del Rey: The Enlightenment (Indie) Artist and Object Oriented Ontology

Aaron Klassen Carleton University
Constructed Dichotomies in Popular Culture: ‘Authenticity’ in Punk and Indie

Jer Fairall Independent Scholar
No Closed Doors: the Weeknd and the Increasingly Slippery Notion of Genre

COFFEE BREAK 3:15pm-3:30pm
Pre Function Space 5th Floor


Friday 3:30pm-5:00pm

Strategy 1
Generation X Goes Global: Popular Mediations on a Youth Culture in Motion

Chair: Christine Henseler, Union College

Christine Henseler Union College
Introducing Gen X Goes Global

Scott Henderson Brock University
Globalized Before Globalization: Gen X Canadians and American Culture

Virginia Newhall Rademacher Babson College
The Chick Factor: Why Spain’s Gen X Isn’t All XY

Evi Sampanikou University of the Aegean
Greek Generation X and Comics Production in Greece from 1978 to 2011
Strategy 2
The Power of Advertising

Chair: Michele Braun, Mount Royal University

Kait Kribs Brock University
For What It’s Worth: The No-so-subtle use of Countercultural Music in Advertising

Estee Fresco Western University
“Still I Rise”: Treatment of Race and Equality in Post-Scandal Nike Commercials

Rochelle Pereira University of Guelph
“Say Seagrams and Be Sure”: Images of Masculinity in Whisky Advertisements in Postwar America
Strategy 3
Piracy, Copyright and the Internet

Chair: Paul Aitken, University of Leeds

Lisa Macklem Western University
This Note’s For You- Or Is It? Copyright, Music and the Internet

Paul Aitken University of Leeds
Pirates vs. the Pirate Party: Direct Action and the Representative Politics of Online Media Piracy
Strategy 5
Crises of (Un)Conformity: Revenge, Resistance, Re-appropriation and Queer Narratives in Comics and Cartoons

Chair: Dan Vena, Queen’s University

Rhea Ashley Hoskin Queen’s University
Western Conversion and the Transmogrification of Sailor Moon

Dan Vena Queen’s University
The (Super)Man Complex: Trans Male Bodies and Superhero Ideals

Auden Cody Neuman Queen’s University
Driven Mad: Going Crazy and Getting Revenge with the Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist
Strategy 7
Canadian and Quebecois Cinema: Issues of National Identity

Chair: Gael Sweeney, Syracuse University

Amy Ransom Central Michigan University
Hockey as Nationalist Marker in Quebec Film, But Which Nationalism?

Gael Sweeney Syracuse University
‘Not a Proper Breakfast’: Hockey, Homosexuality and Family Values in Breakfast with Scot

Olena Decock University of Ottawa
Filming the In-Between: Studying the Representation of Cultural Identities of Immigrant Families in Canadian and Quebec Cinema
Upper Fallsview A
Gender and Identity in Hip Hop

Chair: Marc Lafrance, Concordia University

Ola Mohammed Brock University
“We Feel that we have the Responsibility to Shine Light into the Darkness’’ : A Critical Examination of the Politics of “Blackness” in the Album Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Blackstar

Katie Mullins University of Toronto
“On Behalf of Sisterhood”: Black Female Identity and Challenges to Masculine Discourse in Rah Digga’s Dirty Harriet

Lori Burns, Alyssa Woods University of Ottawa
and Marc Lafrance Concordia University
Alternative Black Masculinities in Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreak (2008)


Friday 5:15pm-6:45pm

Strategy 1
The Popular Significance of Arts and Culture in Niagara

Chair: Kevin Gosine, Brock University

Terrance Cox Brock University
Poet-in-Residence: Versifying Cultural Policy

Hugh Gayler Brock University
Hallelujah Chorus Flash Mob: Chorus Niagara’s Entry into Popular Culture

Stephen Remus Niagara Artists Centre
Sharing the Joke: Niagara Artists Popularize Art Through Humour

Dennis Soron Brock University
The Class Dynamics of Culture-Led Revitalization Strategies in St.Catharines-Niagara
Strategy 2
Shifting Stages: Contemporary Theatre and Popular Culture

Chair: Christine Korte, York University/Ryerson University

Corey Kwoka Texas State University
Merits of New Form in a Technological Age: The Ten Minute Play

Christopher M. Culp University at Buffalo
The ‘I Want’ Song as Critical Utopia Practice: How To Productively Fail in a Musical

Christine Korte York University/Ryerson University
Zombies, Spectres, and Dead Labour in Vinge/Müller’s Borkman
Strategy 3
Meaning and Politics in Online Amateur Remix Video

Chair: Martin Leduc, Carleton University

John Shiga McGill University
Missing Data: Datamoshing and the Micro-politics of Compression

Martin Leduc Carleton University
Remix in Action: Remix Practices as Political Strategies

Eduardo Navas University of Bergen
Remix in Cultural Analytics

Owen Gallagher National College of Art and Design, Dublin
Ideology in Critical Remix: A Visual Semiotic Analysis
Strategy 5
Comic Books and Extratextuality

Chair: Dominick Grace, Brescia University College

Grace Gipson Georgia State University
Race and Gender in Comic Books: An Analysis of the DC Comic Book Character Martha Washington

Dominick Grace Brescia University College
Going Home with Cerebus

Áine Young Queen’s University, Belfast
Seeing Voices: The Speech Balloon on Screen in Comic Book Adaptation
Strategy 7
Independent Cinemas: Mumblecore to Mumbleporn

Chair: Julian Hoxter, San Francisco State University

Jeff Parker Brock University
A Semantic/Syntactic Approach to Mumblecore (2002-2007); or, Notes Towards an Emerging Independent Genre

Julian Hoxter San Francisco State University
Screenwriting Sex: the Challenge of the Explicit in the ‘Mumbleporn’ of Travis Matthews
Upper Fallsview A

Quantifying Music Experience: Lyrics, Licks and Legacies

Chair: Jordan McClain, Drexel University

Ian Milligan Western University
Digging into Music: An Interactive Textual Analysis of the Top 40 Billboard Lyrics Database

David Todd Otterbein University
Anti-Soloing: The Alternative Guitar Tradition and a Revised Virtuosity

Amanda S. McClain Holy Family University
Jordan McClain Drexel University
Music and Television: A Historical Analysis of the Relationship and it Effects on Popular Culture


Pre Function Space 5th Floor

Pre Function Space 5th Floor


Saturday 9:00am-10:30am

Strategy 1
Identification Through and In Video Games

Chair: David Owen, York University

David Owen York University
Creating IP Hyperreality Through Multiplicitous Virtual Presence

Jeffrey Douglas McMaster University
How Children Play at Slaughtering: Gaming and the Death Drive in the Digital Age
Strategy 3
Carnival and the Carnivalesque

Chair: Christopher Innes, York University/Copenhagen University

Kyle Mackie University of Guelph
Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun: A Contemporary, Urban, Site-Specific, Zombie Carnival

Katie Lavers Edith Cowan University
The Political Body in Contemporary Circus: Embodied Protest in the Work of Philippe Petit, Criss Angel and Phillippe Ménard

Christopher Innes York University/Copenhagen University
Clowns, the Circus and Avant-Garde Theatre
Strategy 5

The L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History Panel in Canadian Culture and History

Gender & Domestic Culture in Early 20th Century Canada

Chair: Stuart Henderson, L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History, McMaster University

Madelaine Morrison Carleton University
Harmony in the Home: Gender and Domestic Musical Activity in Southwestern Ontario, 1880-1920

Katja Lee McMaster University
Everywoman’s World and the Production of Domesticity for Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Autobiography

Peter Duerr York University
The Lost Archive: Everywoman’s World, “Canada’s Greatest Magazine”
Strategy 7
Reeling Through the Past:Film Histories

Chair: Michael Meneghetti, Brock University

Jessica Whitehead Ryerson University/York University
Who Will Be Ruth?: The Historical Process of Fandom as a Participatory Practice

Justin J. Morris University of Toronto
“Go To-day, To-morrow, or Some Other Day This Week and See for Yourself”: Extratextual Freedom and the Silent Film Serial
Upper Fallsview A
Music, Performance, Theory

Chair: Hans Skott-Myhre, Brock University

Phil Rose York University
Mimetic Desire and Failed Interdividuation in Pink Floyd’s The Wall

Aaron Yale Heisler University of Toronto
“Hawk” Does Picasso, Dolphy Does Schoenberg: Bebop, the Modern and the Popular

Hans Skott-Myhre Brock University
and Mark Bishop York University
Art and the Vernacular of the Blues

COFFEE BREAK 10:30am-10:45am
Pre Function Space 5th Floor



Saturday 10:45am-12:15pm
Strategy 1
Knowledge, Science and Belief: Popular Rhetorics

Chair: Anthony Synnott, Concordia University

Ron Denson Ithaca College
The Maya Calendar and the Gatekeepers of Academic Orthodoxy: the Puzzling Belated Campaign for “the Truth about 2012”

Anthony Synnott Concordia University
Pets, Pests, Gods and Witches: The Sociology of Cats

Jennifer Burwell Ryerson University
Figuring Matter: Popular Culture and ‘Quantum’ Get-Rich Programs
Strategy 2
Heteronormativity and Queer Assimilation

Chair: Scott Henderson, Brock University

Jocelyn Smith McMaster University
“As Long as You Love Me”: Balancing Homoeroticism and “Safe” Heterosexuality in the Homosocial World of Boy Bands

Michael Loadenthal George Mason University
Queer Assimilation and Mutant Supremacy: The X-Men as Ideological Statecraft

Jami McFarland University of Ottawa
Existing in the Closet/Coffin of Current US Assimilationist Politics: Reading the Homonormative Politics of the Sympathetic Vampire
Strategy 3
The Gothic, the Ghostly and the Paranormal: Cultural Anxiety

Chair: Laura Wiebe, McMaster University

John Sabol Independent Scholar/Ghost Excavator
The Non-Sense of Science and Reality in Paranormal TV: Creating a Haunting!

Moti Shojania University of Manitoba
“Food for Worms and Other Grave Matters”:  Re-Membering the Body on Forensic TV Shows

Laura Wiebe McMaster University
‘Pseudo’ or ‘Posthuman Science: Cultural Confusion and Representations of the Paranormal
Strategy 5
Branding Contagion

Chair: Derek Foster, Brock University

Myriam Nafte McMaster University
Sex in the City? Examining the Syphilis “Outbreak” in Toronto (2000-2010)

Andrea Benoit Western University
Parasitical Propositions: Branding AIDS Awareness in an Infectious Promotional Culture
Strategy 7
Screening Female Agency

Chair: Michele Braun, Mount Royal University

Mimi Okabe Brock University
From Stilettos to Books: Redefining Female Agency and Femininity in Fujisaki Masato’s Misaki Number One

Cristina Lucia Stasia University of Alberta
Violence is the Answer: Generic Change in the Female Action Film
Upper Fallsview A
Practices and Identity in Live Music

Chair: Martin Lussier, Western University

Stephen Bennett University of Waterloo
Band Practices: Grateful Dead Ticket Sales and the Communication of Subcultural Values

Martin Lussier Western University
Cultural Organizations and the Organizational “Thickness” of the Cultural: The Case of the Montréal Live Music Sector


Saturday 1:15pm-2:45pm
Strategy 1
Open Wounds: Dissecting the Contemporary Horror Film
Chair: David Briggs, University of Alberta

Lee Baxter University of Guelph
Mimetic Repetition of Wounded Bodies in History in Eli Roth’s Hostel and Hostel II

Victoria McCollum University of Ulster
Fresh Blood: Exploring the Post 9/11 Revival of Hixploitation

Matthew J. Raimondo York University
Scan, Search…and Scream! Paranormal Activity and the Investigative Gaze
Strategy 2
Prêt a Présenter: Beauty Culture

Chair: Katja Lee, McMaster University

Aidan Moir York University
Street Style Meets High Fashion: Appropriating and Commodifying the Economic Recession in W Magazine

Shelbi Robson Brock University
Aesthetic Constructions of Brand and Class Identity in Vogue’s Fashion Advertising

Sarah Shropshire University of Guelph
The Bronzed Babes are Coming: Suntanning and Commercial Beauty Culture in Canada 1880-1939
Strategy 3
We Want Brains: Interpreting Zombies

Chair: Laura Wiebe, McMaster University

Amanda Orr Wilfrid Laurier University
Tropes of Outbreaks and Apocalypse in the Zombie Narrative: A Critical Analysis of Max Brooks’ World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide

Valérie Savard University of Alberta
Beating a Dead Human: A (n Other) Zombie Paper that Asks What Zombies Don’t Signify
Strategy 5

The Evangelical and the Popular

Chair: Ken Paradis, Wilfrid Laurier University

Michael Thorn York University/Ryerson University
Praying the Gay Away on TV: How the Christian Ex-gay Debate Opens Governmentally in Popular Film and Television

Bruce Douville Algoma University
‘Hip 2 B Holy’: The Cultural Impact of the Early 1970s Jesus Movement on North American Evangelicalism

Ken Paradis Wilfrid Laurier University
Faith and the Fantastic: Evangelical Homiletic Reading Practices and Popular Fiction
Strategy 7
Approaches to TV Speculative Fiction

Chair: Nicholas Greco, Providence University College

Karen K. Burrows University of Sussex
Bullets-and-Leather Magnus: Sanctuary’s “Monsoon” and the (Post?) Feminist Action Hero?

Sandra Yao McMaster University
Flesh and Steel: The Posthuman Human Within Battlestar Galactica and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Nicholas Greco Providence University College
“Listen to That. That’s Our Angels”: Toward a Christian Theology of Desire Through the Lens of Whedon’s Work
Upper Fallsview A
Popular Pedagogy

Chair: Renee Sgroi, Centennial College

Yvonne Völkl University of Graz
The Beat of Culture: Teaching Québécois Culture Through Music

Renee Sgroi Centennial College
Teaching Popular Culture in the Contact Zone

COFFEE BREAK 2:45pm-3:00pm
Pre Function Space 5th Floor



Saturday 3:00pm-4:30pm

Strategy 1
Cinema Edge: Exploring the Cult and Exploitation Film

Chair: David Briggs, University of Alberta

Shelley O’Brien Sheffield Hallam University
Nursery Crimes: Making a Case for The Baby

Elisabetta Di Minico Universitat de Barcelona
Horror and the Dystopia

Maude Michaud Concordia University
Horror Grrrls: Resistance and Agency Within the Interpretive Community of Women Horror Filmmakers
Strategy 2
Theoretical Approaches to Popular Culture

Chair: Sherryl Vint, Brock University

Armand Khambatta Brock University
“Between Enthusiasm and Irony”: Hipsterdom’s Decay and the Metamodern Shift from Parataxis to Metaxis

Adam Kingsmith McMaster University
All That Jazz: A Postcolonial Subaltern Critique of Classical Feminisation

Nathan Rambukkana York University
Chasing the Zizekian Moment: Towards a Formal Methodology for Theorizing Popular Culture Artifacts
Strategy 3
Constructing and Consuming Motherhood

Chair: Kim de Laat, University of Toronto

Beth Pentney Simon Fraser University
‘We’re Still Blaming Mothers’: Postfeminist Mother Blame in We Need to Talk About Kevin and American Horror Story

May Friedman Ryerson University
Babies Having Babies: Discourses of Morality in MTV’s Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant

Alana Prochuk McMaster University
Fat Kids and Mother Blame: The Exclusions of Phallic Citizenship

Kim de Laat & Shyon Baumann University of Toronto
Consuming Motherhood, Mothers Consuming: Portrayals of Motherhood and Food Products in Canadian Television Advertising
Strategy 5
Online Performance: The Internet and the Self

Chair: Paul Aitken, University of Leeds

Kimberley McLeod York University
From Online Provocation to Digital Archive : Eva and Franco Mattes’ No Fun and discosean21’s ‘Racist Tests’

Julia Obermayr University of Graz
Sapphic Screening: Lesbian Characters in Canadian Web Series

Roger Saul Brock University
The Youtube Selves of Mememolly
Strategy 7
Politics, Memory and Identity on Screen

Chair: Matthew Flisfeder, Ryerson University

Tanja Aho SUNY Buffalo/University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Trailer Park Boys vs. “Trailer Court Women”: Gender and Sexuality in Representations of White Poverty

Tyson Stewart Western University
Roots Redux: On Family Genealogy Programs and the Slave Sublime

Matthew Flisfeder Ryerson University
Cinéma Féminine: Y Tu Mama También as a Political Film
Upper Fallsview A
Food in Popular Culture

Chair: Katja Lee, McMaster University

Shu-Fen Chen National Taitung University
The Amnesia of Hungry Daughters’ Identity- Food and Sacrifice in The Butcher’s Wife

Jean Levasseur Bishop’s University
De la nature culturelle des aliments: de la littérature à la langue

Jonathon Iverson University of Toronto
Fashioned Food Fame: The Rise of the Celebrity Chef in the Seventeenth Century and Today

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