REGISTRATION 11:30am-5:00pm
Pre-Function Space 5th Floor
Thursday 12:15pm-1:45pm

Strategy 3
Fan Action

Chair: Nicholas P. Greco Providence University College

Shannon Cole and Mariel Concepcion Independent Scholars
An Act of Fandom: Slash Fangirls and Their Guilty Consciences

Candie Syphrit Kington SUNY- Buffalo
Con Culture: A Taxonomy of Fans and Fan Conventions

Vanessa Girouard Western University
Language Ideologies and Stylistic Choices of Fanfiction Readers and Writers

Upper Fallsview Studio A
Women, Experience, and Music

Chair: Laura Wiebe McMaster University

Tamar Faber Western University
Hip-Hop Feminism, Hip-Hop Journalism and the Black Female Experience: No one will speak for us but ourselves

Margaret Rowley Indpendent Scholar
“For a Girl, You Really Throw Down”: Women DJs in Chicago House Music

Brittany Da Silva McMaster University
“We Will Rise”: Angela Gossow and the Appropriation of the Strong Female Figure Within Metal Culture
Thursday 2:00pm-3:30pm
Strategy 2
Encounters and Subjectivities within Art and Consumer Culture

Chair: Anouk Bélanger UQAM- University of Quebec in Montreal

Virginie Riopel UQAM- University of Quebec in Montreal
Culture Beyond Categories: The Case of W Magazine’s Annual Art Issue

Jeffrey Douglas McMaster University
Domestic Waste in Neopastoral Space: A Theory of Things for the Age of Disposability

Anouk Bélanger UQAM- University of Quebec in Montreal
The Popular Life of Postering in Montreal
Strategy 3
Marketing, Advertising, and New Media

Chair: Nick Baxter-Moore, Brock University

Estee Fresco Western University
Pop is the New Tobacco: Opposition to Coca-Cola and Big Tobacco’s Sponsorship of Sporting Mega-Events

Cheryl Williams York University
Generation “Buy”: The Commercialization of Childhood Through Advergames, Immersive Mobile Apps and Branded Virtual Worlds
Strategy 5
Interrogating Documentary Cinema

Chair: Tim Kaposy Niagara College

Tim Kaposy Niagara College
The Forensic Aesthetic of Documentary Film

Michael Meneghetti Brock University
Acts and Frictions: Bodily Comportment and Meaning in Beauty Day
Strategy 7

Chair: Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman MCPHS University

Allan Austin Misericordia University
Exploring a “Cave of Horrors”: Batman and the Incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II

Danielle Wong McMaster University
Race at the Buzzer: ‘Linsanity’ and the Madness of Time
Upper Fallsview Studio A
Lyrics and Literature

Chair: Thomas M. Kitts St. John’s University

Josh Augustino and Geoff Lawson Brock University
Interpreting Graphic Physicality: Popular Music Lyrics and Corporeality

Stacy Pratt SUNY-Jefferson
The Power and the Story: Heavy Metal’s Literary Canon

Sarah Abd El-Salam Université d’Ottawa
La nécessité d’une double diffusion chez Loco Locass : entre rap et poésie
COFFEE BREAK 3:30-3:45
Pre Function Space 5th Floor
Thursday 3:45pm-5:15pm

Strategy 7
Sport: Masculinity, Drugs, Violence

Chair: Matthew Ventresca Queen’s University

Cheryl MacDonald Concordia University
Gongshow Nation? Examining Cultural Constructions of the Canadian Major Junior Ice Hockey Player

Andrea Quinlan York University and Curtis Fogel Lakehead University
Sexual Violence and Exploitation in Hyper-Masculine Sports

Curtis Fogel Lakehead University
Bio-Medical Wars in Sport: Ongoing Issues in the Prevention of Athletic Doping
Strategy 3
Class, Crisis and Economics on Screen

Chair: Stuart Henderson, McMaster University

Michael Curran York University/Ryerson University
Eventalizing Crisis: Cinematic Narrativizations of the Global Financial Crisis

Jocelyn Gadbois Concordia University/Université de Montréal
L’histoire de l’histoire de la famille Lavigueur ou le parcours héroïque de parvenus
Strategy 5
Reading the Sci-Fi Body

Chair: Malisa Kurtz Brock University

Tess Jewell York University/Ryerson University
Seeing the Dark Side of Technology: The Blind as Harbinger in Cyberpunk Film

Cath Duchastel York University
Friendship, family and community: A crip reading of the Fay/Human world of Lost Girl

Malisa Kurtz Brock University
Postcolonial Negotiations: Becoming Animal in Lauren Beukes’s  Zoo City (2010)
Strategy 7
Aesthetics of Fashion

Chair: Chris Richardson Young Harris College

Chris Richardson, Annie Laurie Hunter, Ashton Jones, Austin Thomas Young Harris College Media Research Collective
Suited for Gangsterism: Popular Fashion and Criminality in the New York Times

Sara Rodrigues York University
Palatable Pubes: A Foucaultian Reading of Vulval Aestheticization

Jennifer Martin Western University
The New Conspicuousness: Social Media’s Impact on Consumption Practices Through Fashion and Style Blogs
Upper Fallsview Studio A
Gender and Music Culture

Chair: Justine Moller, Brock University

Katarina Knezovic McMaster University
“Yesterday’s Feelings”: Emo Culture, Sentimentality, and Troubling Masculinity

Aidan Moir York University
Video Games: Music, Labour, and Identity

Upper Fallsview Studio A

Navigating the Job Market
A roundtable discussion with participants at various stages of their careers.


w/Buffet Plus Cash Bar (All Conference Attendees will receive two complimentary drink tickets)


BidiniBand (onstage approx. 8pm)

Featuring Dave Bidini (ex-Rheostatics)

HARD ROCK CLUB (Sheraton on the Falls)


Pre Function Space 5th Floor

Pre Function Space 5th Floor

Friday 8:30am-10:00am
Strategy 2
Theatre and the Popular

Chair: Brigitte Bogar Independent Scholar

Brigitte Bogar Independent Scholar
Andrew Lloyd Webber: Musical structure in The Phantom of the Opera & Love Never Dies

Christopher Innes York University
Popular Shakespeare:  Musical Adaptations

Christine Korte York University/Ryerson University
Staging the Commodity in Vinge/Müller’s Borkman
Strategy 3
Theorizing In/Through Popular Culture

Chair: Anthony Synnott Concordia University

Adam Guzkowski Trent University
Teaching Texts and Generic Tendencies: Transformative Learning and Science Fiction Literature

Michael Thorn York University/Ryerson University
The Uses and Abuses of Psychoanalysis: Oedipal Conflict in Life of Pi and the Christian Ex-gay Movement?

Anthony Synnott Concordia University
Sapiens, Duplex or Lupus? Re-Thinking Human Nature
Strategy 5
Pop Culture Influences on the Masculinities of Contemporary Television

Chair: Terrance McDonald Brock University

Terrance McDonald Brock University
Mediated Bromance: The Influence of Film on Homosocial Relationships in The Big Bang Theory & It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Justin Shaw Wilfrid Laurier University
The Fall of Hegemonic Masculinity in Mad Men

Michelle Hakimyar Brock University
Exploring the Culture of Nerdom in Square Pegs and Freaks and Geeks: The Growing Popularity of Nerds in Teen-Pics
Strategy 7
Production, Meaning and the Role of the Graphic Novelist

Chair: Neil Shyminsky University of Toronto

Ryan Cadrette Concordia University
Superheroes in Peril: Crises of Legitimacy in Comic Book Production

Neil Shyminsky University of Toronto
From Palookaville to Essex County: Examining the “Nationalist Phase” in Canadian Cartooning

Natalja Chestopalova Ryerson University
Psychology of Loss and Mourning in Popular Culture: Looking at Trauma through Jeff Lemire’s Graphic Fiction
Upper Fallsview A
Race with the Devil: The Racial Politics of Heavy Metal Music and Fandom or, Who Gets To Play with Heavy Metal, Anyway?

Chair: Andy R. Brown Bath Spa University

Kevin Fellezs Columbia University
Edge of Insanity: Tony MacAlpine and Virtuosity as Transcendence

Andy R. Brown Bath Spa University
A League of Extraordinary Djentlemen? Geekdom, Virtuosity and the Relative ‘Un-marking’ of Race in On-line Progressive-metal Fandom Threads

COFFEE BREAK 10am-10:15am
Pre Function Space 5th Floor

Friday 10:15am-11:45am

Strategy 2
Portraits, Images and Representation

Chair: N.C. Christopher Couch Trinity College

N.C. Christopher Couch Trinity College
The Visual Language of Life: Hubert Rogers’s Official Painting of the Quebec Conference and the Role of Illustration in Official Imagery

Kalli Paakspuu University of Toronto
Dialogue Without Words: George Catlin and American Indian Voice In Portraits
Strategy 3
Catching Pop Culture Fire: Analyzing The Hunger Games

Chair: Adam Carlson University of Alberta

Emily Hiltz Carleton University
Crossing Borders: The Hunger Games’ Engineered Monsters

Jasmine Elliott University of Calgary
“I Can Survive Just Fine Without Either of Them”: The Feminist Rhetoric of Katniss

Adam Carlson University of Alberta
“Playing Politics:” Negative Liberty, Recent Fiction, and other Neoliberal Revisions of the Present
Strategy 7
Performance and Identity

Chair: Laine Zisman Newman Ryerson University

Laine Zisman Newman Ryerson University
Within Queer Walls: Addressing the Ephemerality of Queer Women’s Performance Spaces

Allyson Woodrooffe York University
Flash Mobs: Community and Social Media

Janelle Joseph York University and Rinaldo Walcott Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, University of Toronto
Physical Cultures as Ephemeral Acts of Citizenship
Upper Fallsview A
Mediating Indie in Pop Music Culture

Chair: Scott Henderson Brock University

Nicole Lemieux Brock University
“We want to be pleasantly surprised, not expectedly let down”: Place, Participation, and Experimentation in Canada’s National Music Scene

Kait Kribs Brock University
Ironic Sincerity and Nostalgia for the Unknown: Metamodernity and the ‘Smart’ Audience

Matt Ventresca Queen’s University
“We the undersigned put forth his name:” Sport and Politics in John K. Samson’s “Petition”


Friday 12:00pm-1:30pm

Great Room A (3rd Floor)

Dave Bidini
Musician, author and filmmaker Dave Bidini is one of the founding members of Canadian rock group the Rheostatics and currently performs with his new group, BidiniBand. He has published a number of books on music, sports and travel includingTropic of HockeyThe Best Game You Can NameHome and Away: The Story of the 2008 Homeless World Cup and the seminal On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock. You can learn more about him at

Friday 1:45pm-3:15pm

Strategy 2
Screened Realities: Bodies, Gender and Class

Chair: Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman MCPHS University

Roger Saul Brock University
Making an Adolescent Self Out of Sequence: The YouTube Case of AnonyGirl1

Kristen Shaw McMaster University
“Her Pretty Woman Moment:”Intersections of Class and Gender and Class-Passing in The Bachelor

May Friedman Ryerson University
Here Comes Lots of Judgment:  Exploring Maternity, Class and Fat in Honey Boo Boo
Strategy 3
The Popular Past: History and Popular Culture

Chair: Brian de Ruiter Brock University

Jacquelyn Hamm Southern Trinity College
Unions, Yearbooks, and Textbooks: From Militancy to Main Street

John Walliss Liverpool Hope University
Dying Guilty and Penitent: The ‘Lesson of the Scaffold’ in the Norfolk Chronicle, 1800 – 1867

Jessica Whitehead York University
The Myths of the Romanovs: The Convergence of Narratives Surrounding the Death of the Romanov Family

Brian de Ruiter Brock University
Tribal Traditions and Authenticity: Constructing a History for the Crystal Skulls
Strategy 7
Archives, Copyright and Cultural Policy

Chair: Marian Bredin Brock University

Amber Fundytus University of Toronto
The Larry Rivers Archive Controversy: Art, Ownership, and Archival Ethics

Lisa Macklem Western University
Canadian Copyright: Brave New World

Marian Bredin and Olivia Walker Brock University
Policy, Practice, and Content in Canadian Women’s Magazines
Upper Fallsview A
Authenticity, Place and Meaning in Popular Music Culture

Chair: Nick Baxter-Moore Brock University

Andrew Atkinson Wilfrid Laurier University
Left Religion: Macklemore, Springsteen, and Craig Finn- The Musical Recreation of American Religiosity

Linda M. Moroziuk York University
Wisdom of a Redneck: Sourcing Authenticity Behind the Scenes of New Country Music

Nick Baxter-Moore Brock University
“This is Our Country”: Class, Region, and Nation in the Music of John Mellencamp
COFFEE BREAK 3:15pm-3:30pm
Pre Function Space 5th Floor
Friday 3:30pm-5:00pm

Strategy 2
Performance, Meaning and Popular Music

Chair: Marc Lafrance Concordia University

Tommy Mayberry University of Waterloo
(Drag) Mother (Monster) in the Mirror: Growing Up in the (Žižekian) Reflection of RuPaul and Lady Gaga

Mark Gaspar and Marc Lafrance Concordia University
Managing Subjective Crisis in Popular Music Culture: Britney Spears’s Circus and the Return of the American Dream

Kiera Obbard McMaster University
“Never seen zef so fresh”: Die Antwoord, White Zef Culture, and the Negotiation of Gender and Sexuality in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Strategy 3
Negotiating Literary Identity

Chair: Elspeth Chalmers Université de Toronto

Roshaya Rodness McMaster University
“A Tricky Matter of Identity”: Thomas King’s National Literary Celebrity and the Canonization of Native Resistance in Canada

Elspeth Chalmers Université de Toronto
La culture populaire autour de la table : Une étude de l’importance du repas dans la culture populaire et sa représentation dans L’Assommoir d’Émile Zola

Justine Moller Brock University
So Close to Southern it Should be Serious: Nicholas Sparks’ Novels as More Than Love Stories
Strategy 5
History, Nation and Representation in Cinema

Chair: Steven E. Grossman, New England Institute of Art

J Colleen Berry University of North Dakota
Kawashima Yoshiko in the Cultural Imaginations of China and Japan

Sarah Olutola McMaster University
Raising White Saviours: The Representational Politics of Intra-African Violence in Shooting Dogs

Ruurd Dykstra Trent University
Finicky Friesians: The Return to a Conservative, Consensus Building National Narrative in the Friesian Films of Steven de Jong
Strategy 7
Transforming Bodies: The Contemporary Werewolf

Chair: Michele Braun Mount Royal University

Danielle Soulliere University of Windsor
Ogling Men: Sexualisation, Objectification and the Politics of Queer Baiting in MTV’s Teen Wolf

Douglas Clarke York University
Consuming Monsters, or How to Get the Perfect Werewolf Abs
Upper Fallsview A
Digital and Analog Identity

Chair: Scott Henderson Brock University

Nathan Rambukkana York University
The Power and Politics of #RaceFail: Digital Democracy, Hashtags and the 2009 “Writing the Other” Debate in the Science Fiction Blogosphere

David Perkins Concordia University
The Commodification of “Aura”: Vinyl and the Underground Culture Industry

Scott Henderson Brock University
You Are Not Here: Mapping, Immediacy and Neo-Liberalism in a Digital Age

Friday 5:15pm-6:45pm
Strategy 2
Teaching Popular Culture

Chair: Julian Hermida Algoma University

Bryan Powell Hunter College/Bergen Community College
From the Outside to the Classroom: Facilitating Popular Music Experiences in Post-Secondary Contexts

Brandon Christopher University of Winnipeg
Manga Shakespeare or Shakespeare Manga?:  Adaptation and the Fight for Youth Culture

Julian Hermida Algoma University
Teaching Law Through Popular Culture

Shu-Fen Chen National Taitung University
Teaching Harry Potter in Taiwan
Strategy 3
The Paranormal and the Uncanny

Chair: Jean Levasseur Bishop’s University

Emily E. Auger Independent Scholar
The Hanged Man: A Tarot Card in the Movies

Claudie Massicotte Western University
Freud’s Ouija Board

Jean Levasseur Bishop’s University
Science et croyances : le magnétisme à travers les âges

Dominick Grace Brescia University College
Out of Our Heads: Problematic ESP in Phyllis Gotlieb
Strategy 5
Perspectives on Canadian Cinema Culture

Chair: Stuart Henderson McMaster University

Gregory Marquis University of New Brunswick, St. John
D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation: Canadian Responses

Donna de Ville Concordia University
The Microcinema Movement and Montreal (1990s-2000s)

Stuart Henderson McMaster University
“So Tired of These Abstractions”: Revisiting Prologue (1969), the Best Counterculture Film You’ve Never Seen
Strategy 7
Born This Way, Analyzed That Way: Lady Gaga

Chair: Marc Lafrance Concordia University

Courtney Constable Carleton University
Mother Monster, Social Networking, and Identity Activism: Lady Gaga’s Mobilization of New Media Platforms to Distribute Activist Images of Hegemonic Gender and Sexuality Transgression

Keri Ferencz Concordia University
Posed This Way: Lady Gaga’s Use of Self-Portraiture on Instagram

Marc Lafrance Concordia University and Lori Burns University of Ottawa
Celebrity Culture and its Discontents: A Video Analysis of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi and Telephone
Upper Fallsview A
Queering Consumption

Chair: Laura Wiebe, McMaster University

Katerina Symes Concordia University
Eccentrically Viewing The L Word: Identification as a Conduit for Visual and Economic Consumption

Julia Obermayr Karl-Franzens University of Graz
Recycling Emotions: No “Clean Slate” Between Soap Operas and Web Series

Ashley Preston Independent Scholar
Sisters Are Doin’ It: Exploring the Tensions between Mainstream Feminist and Lesbian/Queer Interpretation and Representation in Xena: Warrior Princess


Pre Function Space 5th Floor

Pre Function Space 5th Floor
Saturday 9:00am-10:30am
Strategy 2
Bodies on the Borderlands: Nina Arsenault, Oscar Pistorius, Gamers, and the Construction of “Other” in Popular Consciousness

Chair: Stephanie J. Cork University of Maryland

Dan Vena Queen’s University
Creature of The Ambivalence: Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Identity as Manifested by Nina Arsenault

Stephanie J. Cork University of Maryland
Roboreality: Oscar Pistorius and the Sci-fi Imaginary

Valérie Savard University of Alberta
Tracing Technological and Social Disparity: From Cyborg to Avatar in Twentieth Century Culture
Strategy 3
Age, Gender and Advertising

Chair: Kim de Laat University of Toronto

Carolyn Goard Brock University
The Last Woman Standing: A Semiotic Critique of the Patriarchal Representation of Women in a Recent Mark’s Advertisement

Casey J. Scheibling Concordia University
Commodified Manhood: Advertising Masculinities in Consumer Society

Shyon Baumann and Kim de Laat University of Toronto
Aspiration vs. Consolation: Portrayals of Older Adults in Television Advertising
Strategy 5
Real and Spectacular? Interrogating Cinematic Representations

Chair: Steven E. Grossman, New England Institute of Art

Justin J. Morris Independent Scholar
A Continually Metamorphosing Dream: Seriality, Surreality, and Houdini, the Ungraspable Escape Artist

Christine Horton University of Waterloo
A Question of Torture?: Zero Dark 30 and the Rhetoric of Culture
Strategy 7
Symbolism and Cultural Meaning in Popular Literary Forms

Chair: Elspeth Chalmers Université de Toronto

Nacira Achi Université Mouloud Mammeri
Le conte et le  proverbe :discours narratif et représentations culturelles

Zahia Teraha Université de Tizi-Ouzou /Algérie
Récits d’origine des narcisses et de laurier rose en Algérie « Kabylie » et ailleurs, approche ethnologique

François-Xavier Eygun Mount Saint Vincent University
llustration du cochon dans l’imaginaire contemporain
Upper Fallsview A
Legacy and Influence in Popular Music

Chair: Thomas M. Kitts St. John’s University

Kimberly Strong-Knight Brock University
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: Relevance of the Message and the Multiple Platforms of Delivery

Phil Rose York University
Unplugging With the Beatles: Work, Rest, and Their Legacy as an Enduring Boomer Icon

Thomas M. Kitts St. John’s University
John Fogerty: His Emergence as a Rock-and-Roll Jeremiah
COFFEE BREAK 10:30am-10:45am
Pre Function Space 5th Floor
Saturday 10:45am-12:15pm
Strategy 2
The Posthuman and the Virtual in Cinema and Gaming

Chair: David Owen York University

Amanda Piché Ryerson University
Deciding the Fate of the Galaxy: Utilizing Ludology and Narratology to Examine the Success of Narrative-Rich Video Games – A Case Study of the Mass Effect Series

Dan Browne York University/Ryerson University
“Are we still in the game?”: Virtual bodies in David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ

David Owen York University
Cyber Narrative and the Gaming Cyborg
Strategy 3
Graphic Representations: Imagery and Identity in Graphic Novels

Chair: Kenneth Paradis Wilfrid Laurier University

Patrick Hamilton Misericordia University
Steps Back: The Persistence of Stereotypes in the Ethnic Superheroines of the 1970s

Mimi Okabe Brock University
It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Re-presentation of the Female Superhero in Joss Whedon’s Fray

Kenneth Paradis Wilfrid Laurier University
Faith, the Fantastic, and Graphic Representation: Imaging the Rapture in the Left Behind and Therefore Repent! Graphic Novels.
Strategy 5
Celebrity Capital

Chair: Danielle J. Deveau Pop Culture Lab

Jocelyn Smith McMaster University
Starring James Van Der Beek as Himself: Celebrity, Camp and the “Meta-Role of a Lifetime”

Danielle J. Deveau Pop Culture Lab
Canadian Comedians as Celebrity Exports (Expats?)

John Nyman McMaster University
“No One Man Should Have All That Power”: Kanye West as Anti-Celebrity
Strategy 7
Producing Femininity: Images of Women in Popular Culture

Chair: Michele Braun Mount Royal University

Olesya Venger University of Georgia
Slutwalk against Glorification of the Criminal in the Popular Culture

Tonya Davidson Ryerson University
Cupcakes, Kitsch, and the Rise of Retrosexism
Upper Fallsview A
Masculinity, Gender and Identity in Music

Chair: Melissa Avdeeff Independent Scholar

Ola Mohammed York University
“Imma ‘bout to Drive in the Ocean, Imma Try to Swim from Something Bigger than Me”:
Challenging the Limits of Black [Mask]ulinity in Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia/Ultra and Channel Orange

Melissa Avdeeff Independent Scholar
Justin Bieber: A Case Study in Social Media, Sexuality and the Destruction of the Fan/Audience Delineation
Saturday 1:15pm-2:45pm
Strategy 5
Film, Diaspora and Cultural Identity

Chair: Bohdan Nebesio Brock University

Brian Saludes Bantugan Independent Scholar
Mainstream Care Work Drama Films and Filipino Superstars: Experiences and Meanings Facilitating their Production and Consumption

Chandrima Chakraborty McMaster University
Bollywood Calling

Bohdan Nebesio Brock University
Folk Culture as Popular Culture: Vasile Avramenko’s Contribution to Canadian Mosaic
Strategy 7
Screening Gender

Chair: Victoria Kannen University of Toronto

Katie Rankin Brock University
Entering Girl World: Fluidity of Female Identity and the Subversion of Teen Genre Conventions in Mean Girls

Jennnifer Lackey Brock University
Genre and Gender in 21st Century Visions of Sherlock Holmes

Victoria Kannen University of Toronto
Awwww, Silly Feminism! Teaching Whiteness, Gender, Sexuality, and Age Through Humour in The Golden Girls
Upper Fallsview A
Playing the Game: Play, Identity and Gaming Cultures

Chair: David Murphy York University/Ryerson University

David Murphy York University/Ryerson University
Neoliberal Play: Unlocking the Politics of Popular Games

Skot Deeming York University/Ryerson University
Gotta Hack ‘Em All: Pokemon, Piracy and Fan Remix Cultures

Jessi Ring and Burcu Danisment Carleton University
Champs versus Tramps: [Re]Claiming Feminist Gaming Identities
COFFEE BREAK 2:45pm-3:00pm
Pre Function Space 5th Floor
Saturday 3:00pm-4:30pm

Strategy 5
Public Cultures and Local Identities: Promotion, Place, and the Popular

Chair: Russell Johnston Brock University

Ashlee Joyce McMaster University
Reclaiming the Dérive: The Tourist, the Souvenir, and the Search for the Utopic Everyday

Michael Ripmeester and Russell Johnston Brock University
Residents’ Attitudes Regarding Local Wine Marketing in the Niagara Region

Lindsay Moore York University
Touring Toronto: Experiential Narratives of City History, Culture and Identity
Strategy 7
Imagining Place in Speculative Fiction

Chair: Nicholas P. Greco Providence University College

Zak Edwards McMaster University
Tools of The “En-Eh-Me”:Grant Morrison’s Utopia and the Means to End There

Laura Wiebe McMaster University
Posthuman Entanglements and “Abnormal Ethics” in Sanctuary

Nicholas P. Greco Providence University College
“Just want to get home is all. That’s all I ever wanted”: Idiorrhythmy in Firefly
Upper Fallsview A
Race and Place in Music

Chair: Nick Baxter-Moore, Brock University

Emeric Viani Independent Scholar
Locating the Lost Borough: Understanding Space and Place in Rochester Hip-Hop

Eileen Simonow Heinrich-Heine-University
Constructing Liminality and Searching for “the Sacred”: Aspects of Ritualization in US-American Rap Music Videos

Michael MacKenzie York University
A Televised Revolution: Jazz, Race Politics, and Negotiating Art and Commerce on 1960s US Public Television