2014 Program


WELCOME DESK 12:00pm-5:30pm

SESSION 1 Thursday 1:00pm-2:30pm

Transgressive Bodies

CHAIR: Joseph Medaglia

Marsha Ellis Carleton University
Judging Female Sexual and Criminal Deviance: A Critique of the TV Series Orange is the New Black

Cecily Devereux University of Alberta
Strippers go to the movies: Hollywood’s complicated relationship with erotic dance

Nathan Wong University of Lethbridge
Love in the Retrospect: Love Dolls and the Performance of the Normative Romance

COFFEE BREAK 2:30-3:00

SESSION 2 Thursday 3:00pm-4:30pm

Popular Fiction I: Spies, Thrillers, Detectives

CHAIR: Christine Mains

Theo Finigan University of Alberta
“I Want to Make You a Proposition”: Espionage and Homoeroticism in John Le Carré’s The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

Mark Leier Simon Fraser University
From Travis McGee to Jack Reacher, From Reaction to Resistance: Politics and Class in the Detective/Thriller novels of John D. Macdonald and Lee Child

Fandom and Reception: Fans, Anti-fans, Fanfiction

CHAIR: Jessica Bay

Jennifer Caswell University of Calgary
Exploring Welcome to Night Vale’s Unexpected Popularity: A Case Study in Audience Reception

Angie Chiang University of Calgary
Fan and anti-fan? How Walking Dead comic fans react to the AMC television series

Jessica Bay University of Lethbridge
Fifty Shades of Fanfiction: How Fanfiction is Becoming Acceptable

BREAK 4:30-5:00pm

SPECIAL SESSION 5:00pm-6:00pm
Navigating the Job Market: Graduate Student Professional Development Session

MODERATOR: Malisa Kurtz

PARTICIPANTS: Scott Henderson, Chris Richardson, Danielle Deveau




WELCOME DESK 8:30am-12:30pm and 2:00pm-5:00pm

SESSION 3 Friday 9:00am-10:30am

Discourse and Creativity in Popular Music

CHAIR: Scott Henderson

Christophe Levaux Université de Liège
Minimalisme / Punk : quand la musicologie façonne le genre

Bernie Murray Ryerson University
Jazz Music as Popular Culture: Improvisation, Identity, and Creative Thinking

Scott Henderson Brock University
Sweet Child O’ Adorno’: Cover Songs, Meaning and the Musical Text

War in British Culture

CHAIR: Chris Richardson

Kimberly Mair University of Lethbridge
The Wolf Child and the Aerial Bomb: Evacuation Rumours in WWII Britain

Glenn R. Wilkinson University of Calgary
Fugitives, Criminals, and Coppers: War and Crime in Post-War British Film, 1945-1960

Transnational Television

CHAIR: Robert Cagle

Jeff Brassard University of Alberta
Nannies and Daughters and Kitchens, Oh My!: Russian Sitcoms and the Transformation From Post-Soviet Copycats to Aspiring Global Players

Ronak Ghorbani Nejad York University
Representations of the Iranian-American in Reality TV: The Case of Shahs of Sunset and the Disruptive Narrative of A$A Soltan

Robert L. Cagle University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dressed To Kill: Mapping The Melodramatic Mode of Korean Television Drama

Politics, Media, Marketing

CHAIR: Lisa Hanslip

Catherine Burwell University of Calgary
Stinging injustice: Pepper spray cop and the emergence of political remix literacies

Erin Murphy Carleton University
Appearing Authentic: An Exploration of the Marketing Industry’s Role in Consumer Culture

Lisa Hanslip University of Calgary
Popular Culture Says “I Do”: The Commodified Identity of Engaged Couples

Celebrity, Theatre, Performance

CHAIR: Richard Harrison

Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon Concordia University
One by One, the Ghosts Arrive: Celebrity Circulation and Bootleg Aesthetics in I am a Hotel

Patrick Finn University of Calgary
Performing Popular Culture: Why Theatre is More Popular than Ever

Richard Harrison Mount Royal University
Hockey as Canadian Tragic Theatre — and Slap Shot as Comedy’s Reply

COFFEE BREAK 10:30am-11:00am

SESSION 4 Friday 11:00am-12:30pm

Theory and Performance

CHAIR: Graham Potts

David Owen York University
The Paradox of Liveness: Presence and Intermediality in performance

Cameron Crookston University of Toronto
Retro Activities: Drag Performance as Utopian History

Christopher Vanden Berg University of Toronto
Object Thinking, Identity, and Purpose: Baudrillard and Adorno

Popular Music and Fashion

CHAIR: Aidan Moir

Grace Paizen University of Winnipeg
“Enigma Popstar is Fun, She Wear Burqa for Fashion”: The Cultural Importance of Lady Gaga’s Fashion Statements

Nicholas P. Greco Providence University College
Dance as David Bowie’s Fashion

Aidan Moir York University
Negotiating Authorship and Artistic Appropriation in Promotional Culture: The Politics Constructing Rihanna’s Status as Fashion Icon

Space, Place and the Everyday

CHAIR: Ondine Park

Kaela Jubas and Kimberly Lenters University of Calgary
Graffiti as Pedagogical Disruption in Everyday Life

Benjamin Prus McMaster University
Writing in the Future Tense: Utopia, the Body, and Graffiti

Ondine Park University of Alberta
Estranging Sites of Non-Place and “Non-Space” in Visual Representations of the Suburban Imaginary

Fan Culture in Practice

CHAIR: Mark Leier

Ofer Berenstein University of Calgary
Let’s Get Serious – Changing the rational of programming in fan conventions

Mylynn Felt University of Calgary
Fan Power: A Matter of Freedom or Free Labour?

T.A. Pattinson University of Calgary
All Work and No Play: The Affective Labour of Youtube Video Game Playthroughs Meets the Limits of Copyright

Quand le vélo fait tourner le monde: mythes et réalités dans l’histoire littéraire du cyclisme / Cycling makes the world go round: myths and realities of the literary history of cycling

CHAIR: Marc Benson

Jean Levasseur Bishop’s University
Vélo, liberté et émancipation au Québec, au tournant du 19e siècle

François-Xavier Eygun Mount Saint Vincent University
De la parodie au mythe : le Tour de France dans tous ses états

Marc Benson Collège militaire royal du Canada
Ulysse au grand cœur, Achille aux pieds légers et Roland le preux : champions cyclists

FRIDAY LUNCHEON 12:30pm-2:30pm

Featuring Keynote Speaker
Cristina Stasia, PhD

AGM 2:30pm-3:00pm

COFFEE BREAK 3:00pm-3:30pm

SESSION 5 Friday 3:30pm-5:00pm

Popular Music and Culture: Revolution, Preservation, Circulation

CHAIR: Alexandra Boutros

Valérie Savard University of Alberta
Freedom-Bind or Freedom-Bound?: Finding Revolution in Janelle Monáe’s “New Other” Android Body

Melissa Avdeeff Independent Scholar
A Tribe Called Red: Aboriginal Popular Music and Social Media as a Potential Site of Cultural Exchange and Preservation

Bodies, Identities, Discourse: Gendered Humour and Fattening Queer/Queering Fat

CHAIR: Cecily Devereux

Èva Morin Carleton University
You’re Really Funny… For A Girl: Erasing Comedy’s Divisive Gender Boundaries

Matt Ventresca Queen’s University
Seriously Not Serious: Ironic Masculinities in Contemporary Popular Culture

Kristin Rodier University of Alberta
Drop Dead Diva and Fat Queer Femininity

Cindy Baker University of Lethbridge
The Taboo Body Visible: Contemporary Art Strategies for Increasing Visibility for Fat Bodies, Queer Bodies, and Bodies Marked as “Other”

Work and Play: Representations & Practices

CHAIR: Mylynn Felt

Aiden Buckland University of Calgary
Persistence through Paratext: Where the Game Goes When Players Stop Playing

AnneMarie Dorland University of Calgary
Children At Play, Geniuses At Work: TV Representations Of The Cultural Producer

Popular Media & Health: Risk, Difference, Diagnosis

CHAIR: Kaela Jubas

Carol-Ann Farkas MCPHS University
Tinkering with the Diagnosis: Celebrating and Exploiting Difference in Popular Television

Sarah Dorchak, Delia Dumitrica and Edna Einsiedel University of Calgary
(Bio)Risk of Experts and Mutant Viruses: Viral risks and so-called experts in Hollywood films

Kaela Jubas, Angie Chiang and Dawn Johnston University of Calgary
From Pop to Political: How Canadian Viewers Relate Grey’s Anatomy to Canadian Medicare

Sports Cultures

CHAIR: Jean Levasseur

Marilou St-Pierre Université Concordia
Journalisme sportif et sport-spectacle: culture masculine et réactivation des normes de genre

Chaseten Remillard University of Calgary
Hockey Hieroglyphs: Hockey Art, Orality, and Canadian Visual Culture

Wade Nelson University of Winnipeg and Diane Dechief University of Toronto
Kicking Ass and Taking Names: Alias Construction in Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby



WELCOME DESK: 8:30am-1:00pm

SESSION 6 Saturday 9:00am-10:30am

Popular Fiction II: Fears, Hauntings, Pathologies

CHAIR: Dawn Bryan

D. Marcel DeCoste University of Regina
Craster and the Pathological Reproduction of Houses in Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire

Julia Pasieka Mount Royal University
Mortality and the Power of Fear: A Hobbesian Analysis of the Harry Potter Novels

Dawn Bryan University of Calgary
Haunting Houses: the Masculine and the Domestic in Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto and Stephen King’s The Shining

Film and Television: Exclusion, Subversion, Exploitation

CHAIR: Malisa Kurtz

Madison Trusolino Simon Fraser University
Landscapes of Exclusion: Racial Melancholia in the cinema de banlieue Film La Haine

Susan Johnston University of Regina
Serendipity, Subversion, and Sexploitation: Reading HBO’s Game of Thrones as Adaptation

Comics and Graphic Novels I: Power, Pleasure and Trauma

CHAIR: Robin McDonald

Rebecca Thorndike-Breeze MIT
The Uses of Pleasure and V for Vendetta

Alex Link Alberta College of Art and Design
Love, Lust and Lucre in Leela Corman’s Unterzakhn

Jocelyn Froes McMaster University
Here and Now: the Temporality of Desire in Alison Bechdel’s Funhome and Lee Edelman’s No Future

Museums: Exhibiting Popular Culture

CHAIR: Hélène Laurin

Olivier Champagne-Poirier, Jason Luckerhoff et Marie-Claude Lapointe UQTR
Culture populaire et culture légitime : Manifestation d’une double réticence dans le cadre d’une étude des non-publics du Musée québécois de culture populaire

Hélène Laurin University of Ottawa
Narrative-making and a museum exhibition: the case of Europunk

Online and Social Media

CHAIR: Delia Dumitrica and Georgia Gaden

Chris Richardson, Erin Grable, Taylor Loveless, Andrea Simmonds – Young Harris College Media Studies Research Collective Young Harris College
Scroogled? Finding Race, Gender, and Sexuality In The World’s Most Popular Search Engine

Alois Sieben Simon Fraser University
Your Account Has Been Suspended: Genre Control in the Message Board Medium

Delia Dumitrica and Georgia Gaden University of Calgary
The ‘real deal’: strategic authenticity, politics and social media

COFFEE BREAK 10:30am-11:00am

SESSION 7 Saturday 11:00am-12:30pm

Canadian Cinema

CHAIR: Andrew Nelson

George Melnyk University of Calgary
Retro-Biopics: The Multiple Selves of Guy Maddin’s Autobiograflics

Andrew Nelson Montana State University
The Searchers… in Manitoba: Alien Thunder and the Canadian Western

Women, Feminism and Representation

CHAIR: Cristina Stasia

Jasmine Elliott University of Calgary
“Genderism” and Joss Whedon: Post-Feminism in Popular Culture

Lucinda M. Rasmussen University of Alberta
Mad About the Genre: The Crisis of Postfeminism and Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy

Cristina Stasia University of Alberta
Gun Shy: Feminism, Media Coverage and the Firearms Debate

History and the Historical in Popular Culture

CHAIR: Derek Foster

Jonathon Iverson Oxford
Out of the Queen’s Closet: The Private, the Public and the Popular in Seventeenth-Century Cookery Books

Shirley McDonald University of British Columbia
Imaginary Cowboys and “Indians” – Myths And History in Guy Vanderhaeghe’s The Englishman’s Boy and Bert Sheppard’s Memoir Spitzee Days

Dere Foster Brock University
Walking into history with Laura Secord: Performing national and local popular culture

Video Games and Cultures

CHAIR: Tess Jewell

Delia Dumitrica University of Calgary
Video games as subcultures: Final Fantasy between meaning- and profit-making

Joshua Noble University of Alberta
Emerging adults and the domestication of console-based video games in the home

Tess Jewell
York and Ryerson Universities
“Brain-damaged like a fox”: Dis/ability in Portal 2

Comics & Graphic Novels II: Correlations and Transformations

CHAIR: Alex Link

Tom Miller University of Calgary
The Adventures of Wallace and Clark: Superheroic Correlations in Stevens’ ‘Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction’

Nicole Slipp and Dan Vena Queen’s University
Tying the Knot: How Superman and Wonder Woman Went From Practicing Kink to Being Vanilla

LUNCH 12:30pm-2:00pm

Meeting of the Executive Committee

SESSION 8 Saturday 2:00pm-3:30pm

Popular Music in Canada

CHAIR: Melissa Avdeef

Marie-Chantal Falardeau and Stéphane Perreault UQTR
Bye Bye mon cowboy! Analyses des valeurs dans les chansons francophones « numéro 1 » au Québec

Alexandra Boutros Wilfrid Laurier University
Crisis, Can Con, and Contest: Cartographies of Canadian hiphop

Afarin Mansouri Tehrani York University
A Survey through Canadian Children’s Opera

Theorizing Popular Culture

CHAIR: Graham Potts

L Dugan Nichols Simon Fraser University
Debating the Value of Popular Expression: John Fiske vs. Jodi Dean

Ray op’tLand University of Calgary
Reject the Hatred: Zombie Narratives as Institutionalized Misanthropy

Graham Potts Trent University, Brock University, and York University
The ‘Hunger Games’ is our Hunger Games: Some Mediations on Baudrillard and Virilio

Sounds and Spaces: Popular Culture and the Environment

CHAIR: Andrew Nelson

Richard Sutherland Mount Royal University
The Wilderness, the Microphone and the Kiosk: Marketing the sound of nature in Dan Gibson’s Solitudes

Mario Trono Mount Royal University
Indigenous Shooting Locations for Hell on Wheels and Transformers

Queering Popular Culture

CHAIR: Kristin Rodier

Robin McDonald Queen’s University
“You’re Standing on My Neck”: Queer Anti-Social Theory in MTV’s Daria

Joseph Medaglia Ryerson University
Queer Remnants; Appropriating Love

Angie Fazekas Queen’s University
Queer and Unusual Space: Queerness and Race in Slash Fanfiction

Popular Fiction III: Inclusions and Absences

CHAIR: Jasmine Elliott

Mark A. McCutcheon and Bob BarnetsonAthabasca University
No Future for Labour? On the Absence of Unions from Science Fiction

Olena Berezovska Picciocchi Université de Corse Pascal Paoli
Salamone corse et Solomonar roumain: la magie pastorale et la figure de Salomon

Christine Mains Mount Royal University, University of Calgary
Urban Mythologies: The Alethic Dyadic World in Charles de Lint’s Memory and Dream

COFFEE BREAK 3:30pm-4:00pm

SESSION 9 Saturday 4:00-5:30pm

Popular Music: Technologies and Transformations

CHAIR: Marsha Ellis

Mohammad Sadeghi Esfahlani and Kobra Elahifar University of Calgary
Technologies of Hope and the Transformation of Governmentality: A comparative case study of Iranian pop songs in context of post-2009 Presidential Elections in Iran

Mickey Vallee University of Lethbridge
From interface to automata: Cyborg ontology, incorporeal transformations, and Glenn Gould’s radical recording practices

Science Fiction Film and Television

CHAIR: Malisa Kurtz

Michele Braun
Corporate Clones: Taking Human Resources a Bit Too Seriously

Heidi Bickis University of Alberta
Being Human in Ultraviolet: Learning from the Televisual Vampire

Malisa Kurtz Brock University
“Affective Assemblages” Between Spectator and Screen

Canadian Popular Culture

CHAIR: Miles Weafer

Danielle J. Deveau Wilfrid Laurier University
Defining the Canadian Popular

Lauren Matus and Caryn E. Neumann Miami University of Ohio at Middletown
The Banana Bacon Elephant Ear: Food at Canadian Fairs and Festivals

Miles Weafer
From space-biased broadcaster to space-biased archivist: the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and podcasting

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