2016 Program

12-14 May / mai 2016

Trottier Building

3630 rue University
McGill University, Montreal

On Thursday and Friday coffee breaks will be held in the lobby of the Wong Building (https://www.mcgill.ca/maps/wong-building), which is located right in front of the Trottier building. This is also the venue for breakfast Friday morning.

On Saturday breaks will be held in the food & beverage area of the Trottier Building.

Session 1A
Thursday / jeudi

Popular Narrative: Horror, Hope, Trauma, and Transformation

Moderator: Valérie Savard

Nikolai Rodrigues, Queens University
“Where none are truly living”: Borderland Monstrosities in Hiromi Goto’s Half-World and Darkest Light

Clare Wall, York University
Green Effects: Canadian Science Fiction’s Environmental Futures

Laura Wiebe, Brock University
Posthuman Entanglements in Justina Robson’s Quantum Gravity Series

Session 1B
Thursday / jeudi

The Popular Music Industry

Moderator: Maxim Bonin

Peter Urquhart, Wilfrid Laurier University
Makin’ It: The Meatballs Soundtrack Album

Keir Keightley, University of Western Ontario
A Tin Pan Alley for the Twenty-First Century

Maxim Bonin, UQAM – Université du Québec à Montréal
L’amateurisme intentionnel et la professionnalisation de l’amateurisme dans le vidéo-clip musical: le cas de M.I.A. et Placebo

Session 1C
Thursday / jeudi

Images of Gender, Sex, Sexuality

Moderator: Troy Bordun

Claudie Massicotte, Young Harris College
Bodies that Speak: Hysteria, Textuality, and Femininity at the Salpêtrière

Troy Bordun, Trent University
Going Solo: An Uncertain History of Internet “Solo Girls”

BREAK 2:00-2:15pm

Wong Building

Session 2A
Thursday / jeudi

Video Games and Cultures: Narratives, Identities, Ideologies

Moderator: Ryan Scheiding

Andrea Luc & Amanda Wong, Ryerson & York University
Scared Straight: A Content Analysis of Gone Home

Sarah Stang, York University
Big Daddies and Broken Men: Postfeminist Fatherhood in Video Games

Rebecca Waldie, Concordia University
Playing with Virtual Identity

Session 2B
Thursday / jeudi

Popular Cinemas: Sexism, Alternative Cinemas and the Museum-Movie Hybrid 

Moderator: Jannik Haruo Eikenaar

Eyitayo Aloh, Trent University
Sexism in Film: What Hollywood can learn from Nollywood

Mark Hayward, York University
Exploring Alternative Cinemas in Toronto and Montreal

Derek Foster, Brock University
The problem and the potential of popular culture as public history: Fictive Facticity at the Indiana Jones Exhibit

Session 2C
Thursday / jeudi

Memory, Memorialization, Knowledge

Moderator: Laura Wiebe

Rosemary Kimani-Dupuis, Wilfrid Laurier University
Black Slavery in Canada and the Legacy of Silence: Memory Politics of What is Forgotten and Remembered

Kayla Copland, Wilfrid Laurier University
The Revitalization of Auschwitz Tattoos: Identification and Identity Construction of Generation (wh)Y

Matthew Fesnak, Wilfrid Laurier University
The Epistemology of the Catalogue: Knowledge and its Limitations

Session 2D
Thursday / jeudi

Fashion Capital(s) and Diverse Locations of (Pop)Cultural Production

Moderator: Kathryn Franklin

Susan Ingram, York University
Fashioning Urban Imaginaries: Los Angeles’ Second Skin

Kathryn Franklin, York University
Starring Toronto: Egoyan’s Chloe and the Adornment of a City

Nathaniel Weiner, York & Ryerson
Universities Between Fashion Capital and Subcultural Capital: The Uses of Knowledge and Performance of Expertise in Online Menswear Communities

Rebecca Halliday, York & Ryerson Universities
The Glamourai’s Life: The Performance of Habitus in the Fashion Blogosphere

BREAK 3:45-4:00pm

Wong Building

Session 3A
Thursday / jeudi

Theorizing New Media

Moderator: Chris Richardson

Scott Henderson, Brock University
New Media Old Theory: Yik Yakking About Bergson and Deleuze

Quinn Valencourt, Brock University
The Uninformative Information Society: New Media Idiocy for Me, Myself, and I

Josh Augustino, Brock University
I’ve Been Looking So Long at These Pictures of You That I Almost Believe That They’re Real: Dasein, New Media and the Curios Case of Physical Presence

Session 3B
Thursday / jeudi

Popular Television

Moderator: Marilyn Terzic

Milena Stanoeva, York University
Hate Watching Trash TV: Intersections of class and anti-fandom

Nicole Marrello, York University
Reality Television versus Reality: The Impact of Television Dance Programming on Young Dancers and their Perception of Self

Marilyn Terzic, Université du Québec à Montréal
Justice Served: Syndi-Court and the Art of the Tease

Session 3C
Thursday / jeudi

Making Sense of the Strange

Moderator: Nikolai Rodrigues

Janet Lemon Williams, York University
Zombie Zeitgeist: The Post-Modern Body in the Afterlife

Ken Paradis, Wilfrid Laurier University
Leftovers and Resurrections: Providentiality in post-religious, post-secular pop culture

Kyle Curlew, Queens University
The Legend of Slenderman: The Boogieman of Surveillance Society

Session 3D
Thursday / jeudi

The Politics of Popular Televisual and Cinematic Representations

Moderator: Derek Foster

Michelle Johnson, York University
Still the Fairest of Them All: Race and Redemption in Disney’s Once Upon a Time

Jessica Bay, York & Ryerson Universities & Jonathan Osborn, York University
“Ooh Child, Things Are Going to Get Brighter:” Sentimentalizing Masculinity, Animating Dysfunction, Normalizing Trauma, and Dismissing Catastrophe in ​Guardians of the Galaxy

Matt Ventresca & Scott Carey, Queens University
Whiplash: Sport, Practice and the Biopolitics of Musicianship

Thursday / jeudi
La Vitrola

Friday / vendredi

Wong Building

Session 4A
Friday / vendredi

Only in Canada: Celebrity in the Great White North

Moderator: Lorraine York

Michele Byers, Saint Mary’s University
“Have you met… Robin?”: Canadian Celebrity as Sitcom Trope

Henry Adam Svec, Millsaps College
What Would McLuhan Do with Bieber? Canadian Media Theory and/as Celebrity Studies

Jennifer Bell, University of Alberta
Ascribed, Achieved, or Avoided…Political Celebrity from Pierre to Justin: (Re) Branding the Trudeau Brand

Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon, Concordia University
The Path to Success Points South and Other Dominant Discourses of Celebrity in Canada

Session 4B
Friday / vendredi

Crafting: Cultural Politics and Material Practice

Moderator: Andrea Beverley

Stephanie Mullen, University of Ottawa
Making Craft Hip! …And the Methodological Challenges it Creates in Measuring the Status of Traditional Craft in Canada

Helene Vosters, Canadian Consortium on Performance and Politics in the Americas
Part I: The Canadian Maple Leaf: From Mascot to Palimpsest
Part II: Flag of Tears: Lament for the Stains of a Nation Embroidery Circle (participatory performance)

Session 4C
Friday / vendredi

Popular Tropes within Hip Hop Culture

Moderator: Mary Fogarty

Sean Robertson-Palmer, Humber College
“Catch a Case, Get a Jewish Lawyer, Beat it with Cheese”: The Jewish Lawyer Trope in Hip Hop Lyrics

Serouj Aprahamian, York University
Ballerinas Over Breakers: The Disparaging Depictions of Hip-Hop Dance in Hollywood

Session 4D
Friday / vendredi

The Sexual and Gender Politics of Popular Culture

Moderator: Arun Jacob

Stephanie Patrick, University of Ottawa
Breaking Free: Balancing enforced and chosen domesticity in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Gada Mahrouse, Concordia Institute
On “trigger warnings” and “charged humour”

Mary Grace Lao, York University
Feminist Facebook and the Navigation of Feminist Spaces

Session 4E
Friday / vendredi

Virtuality and Crime

Moderator: Josh Augustino

Chris Richardson, Lambda Pi Eta & Young Harris College
Beyond Good and Evil: Crime as Virtual Reality

Courtney Underwood, Young Harris College
Disciplining the Tweeters, Taggers, and Yik-Yakers: Social Media and Moral Panic in a Rural High School System

Patrick Silcox and Chris Richardson, Young Harris College
The New Pirates of the Caribbean: Alien Ontologies and the Changing Physicality of Piracy in Post-modernity

BREAK 10:15-10:30am

Session 5A
Friday / vendredi

Hip-hop (and) Culture

Moderator: Priya Rehal

Alexandra Boutros, Wilfrid Laurier University
Contrapuntal Analysis: hip hop, Canada and positionality

Pamela Andrews, Wilfrid Laurier University
Skookum Aesthetics: The Material Culture of Indigenous Hip Hop

Maya Stitski, Queen’s University
Feminism, Politics, and Emancipation: Undoing Culture Through Hip Hop

Session 5B
Friday / vendredi

Musical Meanings

Moderator: Keir Keightley

Farley Miller, McGill University
How about a tune on the electric sitar?: Fashioning new “old” sounds in 1960s popular music

Bronwyn Malloy, University of British Columbia
“Never knowing what survival means”: Atwoodian Survival in Contemporary Canadian Indie Song Lyrics

Eric Smialek, McGill University
Unlimited Semiosis : An Unending Chain of Associations in Extreme Metal

Session 5C
Friday / vendredi

Mediating Religion

Moderator: Ken Paradis

Beverley Best, Concordia University
The Secular Religion of Visibility in Late Consumerism

Anderson Moss, Young Harris College
The Inverse Receptions of Zen Meditation and Islamic Prayer in America

Sukshmadarshi Maharaj, University of Toronto
Brahman and Brand: Exploring the connection between Vedanta and the work of Russell Brand

Session 5D
Friday / vendredi

Visual Media: Narratives, Ideologies and Representations

Moderator: Scott Henderson

Michael Thorn, Ryerson University
Reading Controversy Clearly: Trying to Understand Scientology through the Governmentality of Mediated Representations

Simon Orpana, University of Alberta
From The Ashes of Fordism: Post-industrial Youth in Lost River and It Follows

Jannik Haruo Eikenaar, University of British Columbia
The Audience Strikes Back: Responding to Salman Rushdie’s ‘Voice in the Cinema’

Session 5E
Friday / vendredi

Comic Books on Screen: Gender and Ideology

Moderator: Jessica Bay

Aidan A Lockhart, Guelph University
Capes, Cowls and the Fragments of Ideology: Towards A Framework for Revealing Retributive Ideology in Film

Arun Jacob, Independent Scholar
Netflix & Chill with Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Interrogating Gendered Ideologies and Urban Revanchism

Session 5F
Friday / vendredi

Dolls, Dystopias and Aliens: Uses and Transformations in Science Fiction

Moderator: Antonio Dominguez Leiva

Valerie Savard, University of Alberta
“I Try to be my Best”: Uploading Emotional Labour in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse

Evangeline J Kroon, University of Guelph
Mad Max: Fury Road: A Case Study of Changing Female Narratives in Dystopic and Post-Apocalyptic Pop-Culture

Caroline-Isabelle Caron, Queen’s University
Better Aliens: Aboriginal use of Western popular cultural tropes about extraterrestrials


La Vitrola

Guest speaker: Barry K. Grant

Session 6A
Friday / vendredi

The meaning of the popular music artist

Moderator: Claire Gjertsen

Nicholas Greco, Providence University College
Feist as Transnational, Liminal, Neutral

Emilie Fournier, Laurentian University
The Good Canadian Boy Trope, Cultural Appropriation, and Masculine Performance: Justin Bieber’s Comeback

Bernie Murray, Ryerson University
John Coltrane: “Sheets of Sound” and a True Jazz Icon

Claire Gjertsen, University of Calgary
The Dual Nature of Bob Dylan: Challenges in Living Artist Memory Studies

Session 6B
Friday / vendredi

Popular Culture in Canada

Moderator: Jean-Michel Berthiaume

Miles Weafer, York & Ryerson Universities
How the Canadian government talks about the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: A rhetorical analysis of broadcasting policy discourse

Danielle J. Deveau, University of Waterloo
The Canadian Unpopular: Examining the “nots” of Canadian pop culture

Hélène Laurin & Jean-Michel Berthiaume, Université du Québec à Montréal
The state of popular culture analysis in francophone Québec

Session 6C
Friday / vendredi

Popular Culture and Pedagogy

Moderator: Simon Orpana

Roger Saul, University of New Brunswick
Teaching Duquan Weems: Fallacies of the Hero-Teacher Construct as Seen in The Wire

Andrew Wilkin, McMaster University
The Learning and Working Dead: Focusing on Emancipation and Empathy when Discussing Zombies in the Classroom

Jessica Davey-Quantick & Michelle Smith, Queens University
Twilight of the Living Dead: Engaging Students with Cannibalism and Glitter

Session 6D
Friday / vendredi

Cultural Practices

Moderator: Shirley Roburn

Andrea Beverley, Mount Allison University
“Very polite guerrilla publishing”: Zines in Small Town Canada

Ella Rockar, University of Manitoba
Voluntourism: Exploitation in Vogue?

Shirley Roburn, McGill University
A Whale of a Tale: The Story of Skana

Session 6E
Friday / vendredi

Media and Celebrity in the 21st Century

Moderator: Claudie Massicotte

Myriam Durocher, Université de Montréal
Les théories de la médiatisation pour comprendre la pratique de l’égoportait

Priya Rehal, York & Ryerson Universities
“MAJOR KEY” – Transmitting Conspicuous Consumption and Masculinities via Snapchat

Kyle Asquith, University of Windsor
YouTube child stars, the cool sell of influencer toy marketing, and the co-production of celebrity

Lorraine York, McMaster University
John Cusack’s Activism and the Politics of Reluctant Celebrity

Session 6F
Friday / vendredi

Documentary Presentation

Moderators: Lindsay Balfour and Maya Stitski

John Bessai, Trent University

Women of Change (50 min)

BREAK 4:45-5:00pm

Wong Building

Session 7A
Friday / vendredi

Cultural Identities, Spaces and Power

Moderator: Matt Ventresca

William Hooshmandi, Brock University
The Iranian Diaspora: Rebuilding Kin and Cultural Identity and Creating Virtual Community through Social Technology

Syeda Bukhari, Simon Fraser University
South Asian Ethnic Radio in BC: Creating Knowledge, Engagement and Civic Integration

Cheryl Macdonald, Concordia University
The Legitimacy of Women’s Ice Hockey and Cultural Citizenship in the 2016 Women’s Winter Classic

Bachir Sirois-Moumni, University of Quebec
Did you say Ultras in Canada? Questioning hegemonic cultural space with a spectacular soccer subculture

Session 7B
Friday / vendredi

Contemporary China in/and Popular Culture

Moderator: Byron Hauck

Alvis Choi, York University
The Li Yuchun Phenomenon – Queering Pop Culture and Nationalism in Contemporary China

Qinwen Yu, Simon Frasher University
Imagining Modernity: Discursive Struggles in News Media Portrayals of China’s Rise

Byron Hauck, Simon Fraser University
China’s Peasants Agitated by Distance: A ‘Plea for Time’ in the Global Village

Session 7C
Friday / vendredi

Social Mediation, Social Media, Discourse and Representation

Moderator: Danielle Deveau

Louis Bedard Giulione, UQAM
Mobilité sociale et Goût musical : Le goût musical en tant qu’outil d’intégration sociale chez les adolescents

Erin Scott, University of Manitoba
‘There’s an app for that’: The influence of mHealth apps on the discursive representation of health

Sasha Cocarla, University of Ottawa
Of Excess and Instability: Understandings of Bisexuality and Mental Health in Popular Culture

Session 7D
Friday / vendredi

Visual Cultures, Political Arts

Moderator: Estee Fresco

Sarah JM Kolberg, State University of New York at Buffalo
Der Mensch und die Technik: the Sublime Terror of Dada’s Mechanico-morphic Men

Mitsutoshi Oba, Northern Michigan University
Eclectic Symbolism: Evocation of Multimedia and Multisensory Experience in The Four Sylvan Sounds by Thomas W. Dewing

Estee Fresco, Western University
Familiarly Unfamiliar: Kent Monkman, the Uncanny and Reconciliation in Canada

Lindsay Balfour, New York University
Women, ISIS, and the Street Art of Resistance

Session 7E
Friday / vendredi

Cultural Production and Cultural Practices: Beauty Pageants, Youtube Videos, Selfies

Moderator: Susan Driver

Brian Saludes Bantugan, St. Paul University, Manila
And Adam Created Eve – The Social Construction of the Ideal Feminine by Male Cultural Producers for the Miss Universe Pageant

Roshney Kurian, McMaster University
Miss America 2014: Reconfiguring the ‘Brown’ Woman as an ‘American’ Woman Through Youtube Videos by South Asian Diasporic Youth

Olga Valentin, Fielding Graduate University
Millennial Selfies: Visualizing Self-Narratives

Susan Driver, York University
Selfies, Usies, Affective Relations and Recognition: theorizing selfies as engaging and meaningful cultural practices

Special Event: Concert

Dead Messenger

La Vitrola

$5 at the door


Trottier Building

Session 8A
Saturday / samedi

Popular Fandom, Activism, Politics

Moderator: Nicholas Greco

Marlie Centawer, Queen’s University
“I Want to Hold Your Hand 4ever!” The Beatles, Graffiti, and Popular Music Fandom

Alexandra Pennington-Little, McMaster University
We Are Little Monsters: Lady Gaga’s mobilization of music fans for social activism

Adam Behr, Newcastle University
Imagining all the people: The shifting relationship between popular music and politics in political campaigning

Session 8B
Saturday / samedi

The Politics of Fashion

Moderator: Grace Paizen

Daryna Granik, Ryerson University
Role of Vogue Magazine in the transformation of screen characters into style icons

Grace Paizen, University of Winnipeg
Fashion Orientalism: The Process and Production Behind High Fashion’s Most Notorious Symptom

Session 8C
Saturday / samedi

Representing Dis/Ability

Moderator: Sasha Cocarla

Torsa Ghosal, Ohio State University
Digital Poetics and Disability in Typographical Fictions

Malcolm Matthews, Brock University
Autism as Genre: Media Representations of the Autistic Techno-Savant

Shawn Newman, Queen’s University
Resistance and Erasure: Pop Culture and its Normative Conventions

Session 8D
Saturday / samedi

Techno, Carnival, and Soul Power

Moderator: Hélène Laurin

Alia Benabdellah, l’Université Bordeaux Montaigne
La ville de Détroit et la techno militante noire américaine

Darrell Baksh, The University of the West Indies
“Long Time We Doh Fête Like Dis”: Old Energies and New Synergies in Trinidad Carnival Music

Junia Miranda Carvalho, Queens University
Soul power in the streets (video presentation)

BREAK 10:30-10:45am

Trottier Building

Session 9A

Popular Narratives

Moderator: Clare Wall

Lindsay Young, Queens University
Gutter Ghosts and Panel Phantasms: Horror and the Comic Page in Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods

Aidan Diamond, Memorial University
“Your name’s Alice? Is that what you said?”: The Rescue of Wonderland’s Alice in Batman Comics, 1986-2011

Antonio Dominguez Leiva, UQAM
Close Encounters of the Sleaze Kind: Alien Sexual Abduction From Pulps to Ufology

Session 9B
Saturday / samedi

Popular Music Scenes, Spaces and Practices

Moderator: Maxim Bonin

Vanessa Blais-Tremblay, McGill University
Between the Bump-and-Grind and the Branlements-et-Grouillements: Delineating the Vice in Montreal Jazz (1925-1955)

Martin Lussier, Université du Québec à Montréal
“Pass the torch!” Pedagogical work inside the Montréal emerging music scene

Mark Percival, Queen Margaret University
Making space for musicians: idealism, alternative music and agency in Glasgow, Scotland, 1987-1991

Andi Coulter, SUNY at Buffalo
Theoretical Grist: Creating intimacy through No Wave’s sonic annihilation

Session 9C
Saturday / samedi

Funk and Hip Hop Dance Styles: Media Methodologies and “Insider” Histories

Moderator: Sean Robertson-Palmer

Mary Fogarty, York University
The Rise of the Promoter in Breaking Competitions

Marc “Scramblelock” Sakalauskas
The Vault: Collecting and Archiving Street Dance Footage

Helen Simard, Université du Québec à Montréal
B-girls Battling: Gender and Competition in Street Dance Culture

BREAK 12:15-12:30pm

Trottier Building

Session 10A
Saturday / samedi

The artist as cultural broker: Building an urban arts high-school in Montreal through a school-university-community partnership

Moderator: Bronwen Low

Bronwen Low, McGill University, Melissa Proietti, McGill University, Debora Friedman, McGill University
Introducing the Urban Arts Partnership: Challenges and Possibilities

Cornelia Mandoiu, James Lyng High School, Lou Piensa (Louis Dufieux), Nomadic Massive, WORD, Butta Beats (Nicolas Palacios-Hardy), Nomadic Massive, WORD, Fléo, Artist
De-stigmatizing French through urban art

Jake Roberts, James Lyng High School, TurtleCaps, Artist, Marta Kobiela, McGill University, Limin Jao, McGill University
Teaching scale through graffiti muralism

Nathan Gage, James Lyng High School, Hadi Adel, Musician, Poet, Artist, Maxwell Miller, Rapper, Musician, Artist
Building an urban arts music program: Starting from scratch

Session 10B
Saturday / samedi

Coffee (and) Culture

Moderator: Natalia Palacio

Valerie Paniccia, York University
The Ideology of the Starbucks Coffee Cup

Mitch Wild, Humber College, Natalia Palacio, Humber College, Nicole Caldarelli, Humber College, Stefanie Serio, Humber College, Tammy Tse, Humber College
How Do You Brew? – A Beverage Pod Study

Session 10C
Saturday / samedi

History, Governance and Video Games

Moderator: Sarah Stang

Ryan Scheiding, Concordia University
Killing the Past, Teaching the Past: Video Games and Historical Understanding

Rebecca Waldie, Concordia University
Universe of Governance: Video Game Demo

The END – Safe travels!

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